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Starter Guide

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Starter Guide


Hello and welcome to a starters guide. You have been redirected here from the Forum guides List in game. Please feel free to ask any member of staff in game for anymore information as we are all more than happy to help!


So you have decided to join, you have chosen well and I applaud you for being so smart!

Refer to the first photo. This will be your starter gear and it is awful. You are going to want to upgrade as soon as possible and I am here to help with that.


Speak to Vannaka for a slayer task which will be Carrrrs as your first. this is where you can get your first upgrades.

*NOTE* Using voting tickets will gain you 12T straight of the bat which in turn will help when you want to buy from this shop. *NOTE*


This store will help massively on your grind. It is located at home right next to the banks.


This location is where you will gain your next set of armour. Only stay here as long as the slayer task permits as there is better gear and better locations to come!


This will be the training teleports. work your way down the list to livyathann.

Once here gain yourself the trio pieces or buy them from the store as mentioned above. 

*NOTE* Continuing doing slayer is always a good idea as the shop is constantly being updated and can contain some really juicy stuff!

An alternative route..


This is a starter npc, Introducing range! Range can be a brilliant mid tier way of killing monsters as the minigun is really quick with other range items the speed continues while adding more damage.

Once you have decided which route to take the next stage is going to be the longest grind. the location will be Dragonball zone.

This is where you can spend a massive amount of time going for either Goku (range) or Vegeta (melee).


Once geared up with these sets you are ready to take on the proper bosses!!

Extra Information. 

When doing certain bosses these items will almost be compulsory 

1734208583_furypot.jpg.31a43f33527c0110b0580d3b7feef050.jpgFury flasks : gives 6k HP every 4 game ticks and can be obtained through trade, making them through Herblore as a noted drop from undead dragon and vorago 1/10 and from killing nomad which is Uber zone only.

1600827100_bosssouls.jpg.0272204adf9203999453bd813f5a6cba.jpg Monster souls : give 6k HP for 30 minutes can be obtained from killing the Ganodemic Boss, obtained from the Loyalty points shop or from the specific monster's soul that you wear.


Note: There are ways to get incredibly good items.





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