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*Yanille Rules*

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Rules Section


As is customary with all servers a few rules need to be addressed and more will be added when seen fit.

All rules are to be followed as of the date of this post and the actions taken against the rule breaker are down to the staff member who will ultimately decide their fate 😄

Rule #1: No flaming, spamming or arguing over yell or the clan chat. When people first log in they don’t need to see how much of a f**cking moron I or someone else is. 😛 Keep that stuff to the PM’s

Rule #2: No begging others for freebies. I have seen and personally given out far too many items to brand new players most who don’t even seem grateful. It is up to each person if they want to hand out stuff but they should in no way be pressured into doing so because xXxsnipey0b1tchxXx has joined and wants a free glaive.

Rule #3: No Afk macroing / auto clicking. I feel like a total hypocrite making this a rule but it needs addressed. Sit and watch a movie with the computer clicking away but by no means should you leave it on over night. Anything that can be afk’ed over night without use of a macro’er is allowed e.g AFK tree.

Rule #4 No scamming in any sense. scamming creates grief and grief makes people quit. If you are caught scamming you will be sent packing and if the victim has enough evidence items CAN be restored. NOT will be restored.

Rule #5 No RWT or advertising other servers. Both directly or indirectly takes potential donators away from the server. We won’t tolerate either.

Rule #6 All bugs found are to be reported and any exploited will result in swift justice :P. reporting a potentially eco destroying bug needs to be reported in private to a staff member. As Monarh has stated bugs found and reported will not go un-noticed and in game cash will be given out as a reward.

Rule #7 No charging back. This is devastating when a player does this, as it doesn’t just affect the server but it can have a direct affect to Joker and his livelihood. This obviously  is an IP ban as we don’t need immoral sacks of shite on the server 😊

Rule #8 No Impersonating staff. Even if you can do a brilliant Rick James. If your caught impersonating staff  you’ll get a smacked bum!

Rule #9 Evading/ avoiding an already received ban, mute or jail will just result in a higher action being taken. Don’t be stupid. Accept when your at fault. Receive your demerit and return to us having learned something.


**NOTE**  [A] As stated above, Staff have the authority to punish as they see fit don’t go crying to a different staff asking to be unmuted or unjailed. We all talk to each other and know when someone is acting.

If action has been taken please report to the forum to appeal. Also note that only Joker and Monarh can unban and must go through them.

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